Re: [PATCH] block: fix q->max_segment_size checking inblk_recalc_rq_segments about VMERGE

From: FUJITA Tomonori
Date: Thu Jul 17 2008 - 09:20:42 EST

On Thu, 17 Jul 2008 07:50:24 -0400 (EDT)
Mikulas Patocka <mpatocka@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > > > Please give me an example how the boundary restriction of a device can
> > > > break the VMERGE accounting and an IOMMU if you aren't still sure.
> > >
> > > You have dma_get_seg_boundary and dma_get_max_seg_size. On sparc64, adding
> > > one of these broken VMERGE accounting (the VMERGE didn't happen past 64-kb
> > > boundary and bio layer thought that VMERGE would be possible).
> >
> > If the device has 64KB boundary restriction, the device also has
> > max_seg_size restriction of 64KB or under. So the vmerge acounting
> > works (though we need to fix it to handle max_seg_size, as discussed).
> >
> > > And if you fix this case, someone will break it again, sooner or later, by
> > > adding new restriction.
> >
> > All restrictions that IOMMUs need to know are dma_get_seg_boundary and
> > dma_get_max_seg_size.
> >
> > What is your new restriction?
> We don't know what happens in the future.

It's very unlikely to add new restrictions.

> And that is the problem that we
> don't know --- but we have two pieces of code (blk-merge and iommu) that
> try to calculate the same number (number of hw segments) and if they get
> different result, it will crash. If the calculations were done at one
> place, there would be no problem with that.

I don't think that your argument, 'the problem that we don't know', is

With the vmerge accounting, we calculate at two places. So if we add
a new restriction, we need to handle it at two places. It's a logical

Of course, it's easier to calculate at one place rather than two
places. But 'we don't know what restriction we will need' isn't a

BTW, as I've already said, I'm not against removing the vmerge
accounting from the block layer.
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