Re: [PATCH 1/7] dynamic debug v2 - infrastructure

From: Greg KH
Date: Thu Jul 17 2008 - 19:40:50 EST

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 12:56:11AM +0200, Dominik Brodowski wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 03:32:22PM -0700, Greg KH wrote:
> > > that is correct. any callers of dev_dbg() don't have to do anything. its really
> > > only the more complex debugging, where there are flags or levels that need to
> > > make adjustments to work with the new infrastructure.
> >
> > For this reason alone, I see no reason why your patch should not be
> > merged today. You don't need the other subsystems at this point in time
> > in my opinion, it's benifit is huge already.
> not to object to this statement, but:
> what about the user-visible interface? currently, it's based around one big
> debugfs file. What about doing
> <debugfs>/dynamic_printk/<module_name>/{enabled[,level][,flag][,modules]}

By virtue of this being in debugfs, we can change the user interface
around as time goes on if we want to with no ill side affects. :)

> instead, or even
> <sysfs>/module/<module_name>/debug/{enabled[,level][,flag]}

I like this as that is what a number of current modules do (usb-serial
drivers), but you have to be careful about the module parameter
namespace to not get collisions here with existing "debug" files.

So for now, I recommend staying in debugfs, it makes more sense.


greg k-h
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