Re: [PATCH] Introduce config option for pci reroute quirks (was:[PATCH 0/3] Boot IRQ quirks for Broadcom and AMD/ATI)

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Fri Jul 18 2008 - 13:31:56 EST

* Stefan Assmann <sassmann@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> This is against linux-2.6-tip, branch pci-ioapic-boot-irq-quirks.
> From: Stefan Assmann <sassmann@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: Introduce config option for pci reroute quirks
> The config option X86_REROUTE_FOR_BROKEN_BOOT_IRQS is introduced to
> enable (or disable) the redirection of the interrupt handler to the
> boot interrupt line by default. Depending on the existence of
> interrupt masking / threaded interrupt handling in the kernel
> (vanilla, rt, ...) and the maturity of the rerouting patch, users can
> enable or disable the redirection by default.
> This means that the reroute quirk can be applied to any kernel without
> changing it.
> Interrupt sharing could be increased if this option is enabled.
> However this option is vital for threaded interrupt handling, as done
> by the RT kernel. It should simplify the consolidation with the RT
> kernel.
> The option can be overridden by either pci=ioapicreroute or
> pci=noioapicreroute.

applied, thanks Stefan.

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