Re: [PATCH 1/3] acpi: Rip out EC_FLAGS_QUERY_PENDING (prevent racecondition)

From: Alexey Starikovskiy
Date: Sat Jul 19 2008 - 17:12:45 EST

Alan Jenkins wrote:
/* moved here from acpi_ec_transaction_unlocked() */
clear_bit(EC_FLAGS_QUERY_PENDING, &ec->flags);

while (acpi_ec_query(ec, &value) == 0)
acpi_ec_gpe_run_handler(ec, value);

The PENDING flag then reflects whether or not there's an item on the
workqueue. Does that make sense?
Yes, this is what the flag was made for -- to guard workqueue from being filled up.

Your second patch is redundant if you add queue entry for each
interrupt, and as it does not
require any investments into memory, I like it more.

It's not quite redundant with the first patch. We still have GPE
polling mode - patch #1 doesn't affect that. In polling mode, it's
essential to query all the pending events - otherwise, if they arrive
more frequently than the polling interval then you will inevitably drop
I meant that if we have patch #3, which drops poll mode, we only need
one of the first two, not both. And in this case I like #2 more than #1.

Patch #2 is also required to fix my buggy hardware. My laptop's EC
buffers multiple events, but clears SCI_EVT after every query. This
caused problems in polling mode; with multiple events between polling
intervals only one gets queried - and after a while the buffer overflows
and it breaks completely.
I fully agree here, it would be great to make sure that EC buffers are empty.
Also, it is very cool to rip of things you don't care for, but that
essentially reverts a fix done for 9998,
so at least, you should ask these people if you broke their setups.

I assume you're referring to the "would benefit from wider testing"
patch #3. Thanks for identifying the bugzilla entry - I had difficulty
separating the different entries on GPEs. I'm optimistic that we can
fix all these crazy buffering EC's without having to disable GPE interrupts.
I would say, we should test pair of #2 and #3, or your original patch + my patch.
I still like the option to not have any new interrupts until I'm done with current one --
much like the PENDING bit.

The reason I like my proposed fix is that it makes the code simple
enough that I can understand it, without making any assumptions about
how many interrupts arrive per GPE. The EC can be broken in lots of
ways, so long as:

1. We receive interrupts when one or more GPE's are pending.
2. We don't get a constant interrupt storm.

I don't think I missed anything. Is there anything else I should check
before I try to get testing?
Well, there is Keith Packard with concern that either high number of interrupts or long
spins on polling status register could push battery life down the drain...
One more argument to disable GPE until we service previous.

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