Re: dma_alloc_coherent() on PPC32: physical addresses above 2G possible?

From: Stefan Richter
Date: Sun Jul 20 2008 - 15:26:41 EST

Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Jul 2008 20:36:23 +0200
> Stefan Richter <stefanr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> PS: I don't want to set the DMA mask of this device to
>> DMA_31BIT_MASK because that would be detrimental to other functions
>> of the device. It's a TI TSB43AB22A FireWire controller.
> Hi,
> just want to mention that you can set the coherent mask separately from
> the generic mask... is that sufficient for your load?
> (you can even set it just for this allocation..)

Hmm. Would that be done this way?
During probe:

if (chip_is_tsb43ab22a) {
if (dma_supported(dev, DMA_31BIT_MASK))
chip->needs_dma_mask_workaround = 1;
chip->needs_some_other_workaround = 1;

Later on:

if (dev->needs_dma_mask_workaround)
pci_set_consistent_dma_mask(pdev, DMA_31BIT_MASK);
if (dev->needs_dma_mask_workaround)
pci_set_consistent_dma_mask(pdev, DMA_32BIT_MASK);

Or is there a variant of dma_alloc_coherent() which directly accepts a
mask argument?
Stefan Richter
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