From: Joshua C.
Date: Mon Jul 21 2008 - 15:58:04 EST

2008/7/21 Ben Collins <ben.collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Could you rebase it on latest git (lots of fuzz)? Other than that, it
> looks good to me. We've been carrying this patch forever, so would be
> nice to have it applied upstream finally.

I tried the current patch (acpi-dsdt-initrd-v0.9a-2.6.25.patch) with
fedora kernel-2.6.27-0.161.rc0.git6.fc10 which is git6 and it compiled
without any problems. I didn't modify anything on the patch. so it
should be "production" ready in its current state, shouldn't it? Maybe
this time it can make its way upstream.
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