Re: [PATCH] serial: fix struct uart_info change fallout

From: Alan Cox
Date: Tue Jul 22 2008 - 07:02:54 EST

> What is your problem with the linux-next tree. The problem was
> discovered and reported when I first merged the ttydev tree into
> linux-next on July 1. The fixes were in linux-next on July 2.

Yes .. and ? The clashes kept happening despite that when I was doing the
merges (and going on holiday for a week and trying to sort it out with
limited time and internet access)

Sorry I don't follow your line of discussion at all here ?

> > just going to break the tree again and mean I have to run another set of
> > tests and regressions.
> Please give what until tomorrow?

it - the situation. The patches have all gone to Linus.

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