Re: fs/char_dev.c memory leak (broken reference counting)

From: Hans de Goede
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 05:07:43 EST

Hans de Goede wrote:


And here is the problem when the fd refering to the character device gets closed, no-one does a kobj_put. chrdev_open replace the file's f_op pointer with the device driver fops, so the only fops release which will get called is that of the device driver, cdev_put (which will call kobj_put on the kobj) is exported, so device driver release methods could and I guess should call cdev_put, but under drivers/char there is not a single driver calling cdev_put !!

So unless I'm missing something the kojb release callback never gets called.

Never mind, I just found out that cdev_put gets called from __fput() in fs/file_table.c, thats somewhat convoluted if I may say so, I think atleast a comment in char_dev.c explaining this would be in order.

So that only leaves this part of my mail:


While on this topic in case of an usb device whose driver exports an chardev to userspace, the device can be disconnected while the chardev is still open. Currently usb-chardev drivers need to do their own reference counting in their open / release fops to make sure their device structure stays around until the last user has closed the device.

The reference counting in cdev is almost an exact duplicate of the ref counting done in the device driver, thus I would like to propose to add a release function ptr to the cdev struct which if not NULL gets called from the cdev kobj release handler, then then device driver no longer has to duplicate the ref counting.

This esp seems to make sense in cases where the device driver uses cdev_init, as then the cdev structure could currently be freed by the device driver (in case of hot unplug) without it knowing for sure that there are no more users of the cdev structure. For example even when the device driver does its own ref counting in the open / release fops, there could still be some users in the form of open cdev sysfs files.

I would still very much like to see this release callback get added, if there are no objections I'll do a patch for this.




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