Re: [GIT PULL] scheduler fixes

From: Pekka J Enberg
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 04:47:52 EST

On Mon, 25 May 2009, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> Ok, i think this all looks pretty realistic - but there's quite a
> bit of layering on top of pending changes in the x86 and irq trees.
> We could do this on top of those topic branches in -tip, and rebase
> in the merge window. Or delay it to .32.
> ... plus i think we are _very_ close to being able to remove all of
> bootmem on x86 (with some compatibility/migration mechanism in
> place). Which bootmem calls do we have before kmalloc init with
> Pekka's patch applied? I think it's mostly the page table init code.
> ( beyond the page allocator internal use - where we could use
> straight e820 based APIs that clip memory off from the beginning
> of existing e820 RAM ranges - enriched with NUMA/SRAT locality
> info. )

OK, here's a version of the patch with Yinghai's rebasing on top of
tip/master. All in-kernel memory allocators boot cleanly now on my
configuration (I did not try SLQB but it probably needs fixing). I would
appreciate if someone gave SLAB+NUMA configuration a try.

Ingo, I don't really want to carry this in slab.git so perhaps you could
put this and Yinghai's irq init cleanup in a "earlyslab" branch in tip for

And oh, Christoph/Matt, can I have your NAK/ACK for this patch?