Re: [RFC] Add Input IOCTL for accelerometer devices

From: Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 04:52:58 EST


I haven't read all documents cited here (IIO, ...), but it seems that
there is a big attention made on performance.

Can we think also in the way information can be shown for a device.
To be concrete, I actually work on some multi-touch tablets, and it is
useful to create 2 or more "views" of the device.

A device file that emulate a mouse when only one contact is on the
tablet, and another showing more general information about all
The first is used by simple applications, the other by more advanced
ones that can treat complex multi-touch events.

This is only one use case, but like in the databases, maybe simple
user (or predefined config. by other users) can propose other "views"
of a device.

Then maybe we would need a configurator (or text configuration files)
for creating these views.

I am not also very convinced why events matching are "cabled" inside
driver source code.
The matching between information sent by device and system events
(ABS_X, ...) is inside source code and any modification needs
What if someone should switch between 2 different matching ?

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