Re: [TuxOnIce-devel] [RFC] TuxOnIce

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 08:44:21 EST

> Oh, before I forget to mention and you ask - how to know what allowance
> for the drivers? I use a sysfs entry - the user then just needs to see
> what's needed on their first attempt, set up a means of putting that
> value in the sysfs file in future (eg /etc/hibernate/tuxonice.conf) and
> then forget about it.

I do believe needed ammount of memory can differ between between
different suspend attempts. I'd say difference between no X, X w/ 3D,
X w/ active 3D could be significant.

Plus... swsusp gets without configuring that, and I'd prefer as little
tunables as possible. (In swsusp case, 4MB is reserved for drivers,
and it is a bug if they need more).
(cesky, pictures)
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