Re: 2.6.29 regression: ATA bus errors on resume

From: Tejun Heo
Date: Tue May 26 2009 - 01:50:53 EST

Niel Lambrechts wrote:
> Urgh. My root file-system is mounted with extents on, I would have to
> re-install entirely.
> I'm wondering why no one else is complaining, or whether the problem is
> limited to ICH9M/M-E controllers with EXT4 or a certain type of
> hard-drive. The laptop is a Lenovo W500 (fairly similar to T500), so
> maybe not a lot of people with this type of controller is using EXT4 yet.

The double PHY events are not too rare but it's not too frequent
either. The number of people using ext4 on machines which have such
issues and are regularly suspending and resuming might not be too

> Anyhow, I think Theodore may have ruled this out as a EXT4 problem
> already (I first copied him) so I'm not sure what to do now, it will
> take some strong will (and even more time) for me to re-install EXT3. I
> just shouldn't have to, dammit. :-p

Well, that is a pretty easy way to rule out many possibilities from my
point of view. :-p If it's difficult, we can try to find out where the
flag is being set with debug patches.


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