Re: [2.6.27-rc7 vs 2.6.29 Regresion] Wifi Network Slownes rt2500pci

From: Alejandro Riveira Fernández
Date: Tue May 26 2009 - 06:18:13 EST

El mar, 26-05-2009 a las 10:58 +0200, Ivo van Doorn escribiÃ:
> On Monday 25 May 2009, Alejandro Riveira FernÃndez wrote:

> > Would the output of this script[2] for with and without the
> > revert help you ?
> Yes please try it. but for 2.6.29 you probably need attached script instead.
> I am not sure if it would produce something useful, because I think Johannes
> assertion is right. With his patch the correct bitmask is send to the driver
> and the driver actually needs _that_ bitmask without any editing
> (rather then the incorrect one which was send before that patch).

What causes the regression then?

Anyway For the script to work what config options do I need? debugfs?
Anything else ?

> Ivo
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