Re: [2.6.27-rc7 vs 2.6.29 Regresion] Wifi Network Slownes rt2500pci

From: Alejandro Riveira Fernández
Date: Tue May 26 2009 - 08:43:31 EST

El mar, 26-05-2009 a las 12:35 +0200, Ivo van Doorn escribiÃ:

> > What causes the regression then?
> No idea. Apparently the invalid bitmask is accepted by the device under
> certain conditions. Which would be very odd.... But since dozens
> of people reported this problem for 2.6.27 as well, it probably depends
> heavily on the actual chipset revision or configuration.
> > Anyway For the script to work what config options do I need? debugfs?
> > Anything else ?
> And thats it, make sure debugfs is mounted and just run the script.
> The script will detect mount location and rt2x00 interface.

That's what I get[1] with the good kernel but I think the script failed
because I got a very short output

$ sudo bash | xclip

driver: rt2500pci
version: 2.2.3
compiled: May 26 2009 13:05:03
dev_flags: 0x00000a2f
rt chip: 0201
rf chip: 0003

csr length: 93
eeprom length: 256
bbp length: 64
rf length: 5

And nothing more...

> Ivo


[1] Had to install gawk mawk does not have --posix.

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