[PATCH] Remove duplicated declarations for sys_pipe2

From: Masatake YAMATO
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 14:50:30 EST


sys_pipe2 is declared twice in include/linux/syscalls.h.

Signed-off-by: Masatake YAMATO <yamato@xxxxxxxxxx>

diff --git a/include/linux/syscalls.h b/include/linux/syscalls.h
index 3052084..66b6203 100644
--- a/include/linux/syscalls.h
+++ b/include/linux/syscalls.h
@@ -433,6 +433,7 @@ asmlinkage long sys_fcntl(unsigned int fd, unsigned int cmd, unsigned long arg);
asmlinkage long sys_fcntl64(unsigned int fd,
unsigned int cmd, unsigned long arg);
+asmlinkage long sys_pipe(int __user *fildes);
asmlinkage long sys_pipe2(int __user *fildes, int flags);
asmlinkage long sys_dup(unsigned int fildes);
asmlinkage long sys_dup2(unsigned int oldfd, unsigned int newfd);
@@ -750,8 +751,6 @@ asmlinkage long sys_pselect6(int, fd_set __user *, fd_set __user *,
asmlinkage long sys_ppoll(struct pollfd __user *, unsigned int,
struct timespec __user *, const sigset_t __user *,
-asmlinkage long sys_pipe2(int __user *, int);
-asmlinkage long sys_pipe(int __user *);

int kernel_execve(const char *filename, char *const argv[], char *const envp[]);

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