RE: Analyzed/Solved/Bisected: Booting 2.6.30-rc2-git7 very slow

From: Miller, Mike (OS Dev)
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 17:19:52 EST

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> Subject: Re: Analyzed/Solved/Bisected: Booting
> 2.6.30-rc2-git7 very slow
> Miller, Mike (OS Dev) wrote:
> >>> Finally, today I built the ccsii driver into the kernel.
> >> It was previously modularized and loaded from initrd. The second
> >> "sysfs" line went away. But does this make cciss guilty? It is now
> >> loaded about 2 seconds earlier in the boot sequence, which
> is a big
> >> change in timing I guess.
> >>> Enlighten me :-)
> >> No idea what is going on, but since I saw your May 20
> message, I have
> >> been trying to wake up someone whose day job it should be to care
> >> about dl380s and smartarrays. :)
> >
> > What? I know Martin has pinged me in the past, but I do not
> think it was about this issue. If there's multiple sysfs
> entries for cciss I can't explain that offhand. We do little
> to nothing for sysfs in the driver.
> > Had something similiar happen recently where "/" changed to
> "!". Had do to with our nested directory structure,
> /dev/cciss/name vs /dev/name. But we did not make that change, either.
> It was not you that I was trying to get to look at this...
> but now that I have your attention :)
> I did not think it pointed at cciss or the sysfs entry as
> being the problem. I was wondering more about platform probe
> timing, the bios, and how each card firmware reacts given
> what I thought the patch did. I could be totally wrong about
> that as I work at the filesystem level.
> We have not seen the problem yet but we have different
> proliants/smartarrays.
> If you can try it on matching hardware, great, if not then
> someone will eventually find a system to test it.
Sorry, I don't have any hw that old. We're very limited on space these days.

-- mikem--
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