Re: [PATCH 17/17] xen: disable MSI

From: Roland Dreier
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 18:03:53 EST

> Pu another way: if they actually add value in highlighting the commits
> that _should_ stand out, then hey, by all means, keep such ones. I would
> not at all object if it was an issue of
> [ Impact: fix bugzilla entry 455123 ]

I wonder if it's really worth having such a visually distinctive style
for tagging things that fix bugzilla entries. I've been just writing
out in English the bug information -- eg a recent changelog contains

This patch fixes <>,
an NFS/RDMA server crash.

I could see adding a tag along the lines of tested-by, reported-by,
reviewed-by, etc. Maybe something like

Closes-bug: <URL>

so the above language would become


And then "git log|grep 'Closes-bug:'" or "git log|grep '<bug URL>'"
becomes interesting...

> [ Impact: fix user-triggerable oops ]

This I think gets close to the never-ending argument about tagging
"security" bugs. It might not be obvious immediately that a given
change fixes a user-triggerable oops and grepping the log for commits
that claim to fix a certain type of problem is quite likely to miss some
such fixes.

In the case where I know that a commit *does* fix a user-triggerable
oops, I try to note it in the changelog by saying, "This fixes an oops
that can be triggered by a user passing in garbage input xyz..." but I'm
not sure if we want to put that in a standardized greppable form.

- R.
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