Re: [RFC] [PATCH] Device Tree on ARM platform

From: Grant Likely
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 09:34:31 EST

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 12:34 AM, Wolfram Sang <w.sang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> It is inherent in the value "atmel,24c08".  Because the exact device
>> model is specified, the kernel can know what the page size and flags
>> are for that device.
> I am afraid this is not the case. I remember that we once had two revisions of
> the same eeprom, and the vendor decided to increase the page size without
> changing the naming of the eeprom. (Can't point to any documentation yet, would
> have to dig this up.) Those eeproms can be really weird.
> Also, there are _a lot_ of eeprom manufacturers out there, so the match table
> will be enormous....

... which is the whole point of "compatible". Every possible variant
doesn't get listed in the device driver; device nodes in the tree
claim compatibility with older, already known parts.


Grant Likely, B.Sc., P.Eng.
Secret Lab Technologies Ltd.
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