Re: [benchmark] 1% performance overhead of paravirt_ops on nativekernels

From: Jeremy Fitzhardinge
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 16:57:42 EST

Nick Piggin wrote:
FWIW, we had to disable paravirt in our default SLES11 kernel.
(admittedly this was before some of the recent improvements were

Yes, I think you'll find it worth trying with it enabled again. The spinlock thing clearly slowed things down, but when that's disabled the difference to native is very small.

But OTOH, almost any bit feature is going to cost performance. I don't
think this is something new (as noted with CONFIG_SECURITY). It is
just something people have to trade off and decide for themselves.
If you make it configurable and keep performance as good as reasonably
possible, then I don't think more can be asked.

Yes, that's exactly my point. If I've worked on a feature, I clearly want people to use that feature. Part of making it useful is to make the distro/vendor/user decision to enable that feature as easy as possible, by making the tradeoffs simple.

But tradeoffs are always going to cut both ways: positive (kernel automatically works in a wider range of environments), and negative (performance questions, complexity, etc). Ultimately its the distro's decision to enable a particular feature, and the distro's responsibility to cope with the consequences of that.

If performance overhead is too much and/or too few users can take
advantage of a feature, then distros can always special-case it. I
think may did for pae...

I think that would be a clear sign of a problem. The whole point of pvops is to avoid needing multiple kernel builds.

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