RE: [PATCH -tip v2 0/5] add common functions for struct dma_map_ops

From: FUJITA Tomonori
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 18:58:25 EST

On Thu, 28 May 2009 14:37:37 -0700
"Luck, Tony" <tony.luck@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > > > Alternatively I can merge the lot, with suitable acking.
> > >
> > > It would be easier, I think.
> >
> > Yeah, that's certainly fine with me. No sense pulling these apart.
> Part 5/5 (cleaning up long long warnings) is about to be made
> irrelevent. I have Matthew Wilcox's patch to switch ia64 over
> to using <asm-generic/int-ll64.h> queued up (its in linux-next
> already).

Great! I didn't know that the patch is already in -next (I wrote this
patchset against -tip so I got warnings).

Andrew, please drop the 5/5,
dma-mapping-dma-debug-fix-compiler-warnings-on-ia64.patch in -mm tree.

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