Re: [PATCH] sched: Support current clocksource handling in fallback sched_clock().

From: Paul Mundt
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 19:37:49 EST

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 12:41:03PM -0700, Daniel Walker wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-05-29 at 04:34 +0900, Paul Mundt wrote:
> > > I'm still a little confused how kernel modules fit in here.. Are you
> > > saying a user would unload some certain driver which has a pin locked
> > > down and prevents the clocksource from working. Then the user would load
> > > the clocksource module which would now function, and that all would have
> > > to happen in order to enter a certain power state?
> > >
> > Yes.
> I'm assuming this isn't a low power state, this would be something more
> like suspend or hibernate right?
Right, with the amount of hassle involved, it makes no sense for run-time
PM at least. So the suspend/hibernate use cases are mostly where it makes
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