Re: [PATCH] New AT91 MCI Driver that supports both MCI slots usedat the same time

From: Joey Oravec
Date: Fri May 29 2009 - 11:34:48 EST

Rob Emanuele wrote:
This patch creates a new AT91 Multimedia Card Interface (MCI) driver
that supports using both MCI slots at the same time. I'm looking for
others to test this patch on other boards within the same family of

This driver is a port the Atmel AVR32 MCI driver which uses similar silicon.
I made all necessary adjustments to test this on my at91sam9261. Unfortunately it didn't want to initialize my card so I wasn't able to try some of the failures that I experience with the existing driver. I sent you a private email with the logs.

+config MMC_AT91GEN2
+ tristate "Atmel AT91 Multimedia Card Interface support 2nd gen"
+ depends on ARCH_AT91
+ help
On linux-arm-kernel I've detailed a lot of problems involving WRITE_MULTIPLE_BLOCK using the at91 mmc/sd controller. In the end you might need to exclude certain processors or else have a gigantic warning. You can talk to me offline for details on my testing.

+struct at91_mmc_slot_pdata {
+ unsigned int bus_width;
+ int detect_pin;
+ int wp_pin;
+ int vcc_pin;
Notice in 2.6.29 that at91_mci and most other structures call it "det_pin" rather than "detect_pin"

+ if (host->need_reset) {
+ at91_mci_write(host, AT91_MCI_CR, AT91_MCI_SWRST);
+ at91_mci_write(host, AT91_MCI_CR, AT91_MCI_MCIEN);
+ at91_mci_write(host, AT91_MCI_MR, host->mode_reg);
+ host->need_reset = false;
+ }
In my experience some at91s need a reset after every single command, otherwise bad things happen. I think the need_reset logic is too conservative in this driver.

+ /*
+ * WRPROOF and RDPROOF prevent overruns/underruns by
+ * stopping the clock when the FIFO is full/empty.
+ * This state is not expected to last for long.
+ */
+ host->mode_reg = (AT91_MCI_CLKDIV & clkdiv) | AT91_MCI_WRPROOF
These registers are not in all at91 chips especially the at91sam9261.

+ if (pdata->slot[0].bus_width) {
+ ret = at91mci_init_slot(host, &pdata->slot[0],
+ AT91_MCI_SDCSEL & 0x0, 0);
+ if (!ret)
+ nr_slots++;
+ }
+ if (pdata->slot[1].bus_width) {
+ ret = at91mci_init_slot(host, &pdata->slot[1],
+ AT91_MCI_SDCSEL & 0x1, 1);
+ if (!ret)
+ nr_slots++;
+ }
+ if (!nr_slots)
+ goto err_init_slot;
The original pdata had "wire4" which worked (but defaulted to 1-wire) as default uninitialized. With this new variable it's easy to register mmc_slot_pdata with bus_width set to zero. The difference bit me when testing and at least deserves a printk if not a change.

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