Re: [PATCH net-next 1/2] cxgb3: move away from LLTX

From: Divy Le Ray
Date: Fri May 29 2009 - 16:29:47 EST

David Miller wrote:
From: Divy Le Ray <divy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 00:58:24 -0700

From: Divy Le Ray <divy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

cxgb3 no longer advertizes LLTX.

Signed-off-by: Divy Le Ray <divy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

You might want to mention that these two patches depend
upon the 2.6.30 cxgb3 patches you also submitted at this
time and aren't in the tree yet. :-/

Sorry about that. It actually conflicts with Eric Dumazet's trans_start removal patch.
I'll resubmit the net-next patches, refreshed on op of Eric's patch.
I also verified that the 2.6.30 cxgb3 patches apply
before or after the cxgb3 net-next series is applied.

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