Re: [patch 0/5] Support for sanitization flag in low-level page allocator

From: Pekka Enberg
Date: Sat May 30 2009 - 16:54:01 EST

Hi Rik,

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 11:39 PM, Rik van Riel <riel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Have you benchmarked the addition of these changes? I would like to see
>>> benchmarks done for these (crypto api included), since you are proposing
>>> them.
>> You have it the wrong way around. _You_ have the burden of proof here
>> really, you are trying to get patches into the upstream kernel. I'm not
>> obliged to do your homework for you. I might be wrong, and you can prove me
>> wrong.
> Larry's patches do not do what you propose they
> should do, so why would he have to benchmark your
> idea?

It's pretty damn obvious that Larry's patches have a much bigger
performance impact than using kzfree() for selected parts of the
kernel. So yes, I do expect him to benchmark and demonstrate that
kzfree() has _performance problems_ before we can look into merging
his patches.

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