Re: [GIT-PULL -tip] x86: xpu_debug patches

From: Jaswinder Singh Rajput
Date: Mon Jun 08 2009 - 05:09:33 EST

On Mon, 2009-06-08 at 10:39 +0200, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> Those look like good fixes - but before we start extending on all
> this - a more general question has to be raised: do people find this
> useful?
> I had a look at the current /debug/x86/cpu*/ layout, and a fair
> portion of it looks completely meaningless at the moment: there's a
> lot of hexa fields with absolutely zero symbolic information about
> what the fields actually mean.

I am planning to send hex to MSR_hex in next series along with :-
1. IO_hex : (IO registers)
2. PCI_hex : (PCI defined configuration space)
3. APIC_hex : (APIC memory based registers)
4. CPUID_hex : (CPUID Instruction registers)
5. MSR_hex : MSRs

Which will give almost full information of CPU state and will be more
useful to users and developers.

> There's a few good exceptions like /debug/x86/cpu/cpu0/apic/apic or
> /debug/x86/cpu/cpu0/cr/cr, although even those should probably be
> renamed to:
> /debug/x86/cpu/cpu0/apic/state
> /debug/x86/cpu/cpu0/cr/state
> as 'apic/apic' and 'cr/cr' is meaningless.

OK, I will fix it.

> Or better yet, why isnt there a directory structure to known values:
> /debug/x86/cpu/cpu0/apic/LVTERR/value
> ?

Yes. I will also support it as I said above.

I am working on it, can you please pull this series, because these
patches was pending from more than one month. Once this patches will be
applied. I can work on next phase.


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