Re: [PATCH 4/6] x86/cpufreq: use cpumask_copy instead of =

From: Dave Jones
Date: Tue Jun 09 2009 - 12:37:24 EST

On Tue, Jun 09, 2009 at 08:46:44AM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Please STOP USING THAT HORRIBLE "work_on_cpu()" crap.
> Is there any reason you do that? We've had to fix up the fallout from that
> kind of crazy crap several times.
> Just use a regular IPI. Use "smp_call_function_[single|many]()" instead.
> See for example commit 01599fca6758d2cd133e78f87426fc851c9ea725, where
> another "work_on_cpu()" thing was broken.
> I don't understand why you guys keep on using that _known_ bad function.
> The whole point of "work_on_cpu()" is for big, slow, and rare things. Not
> as a random "let's make that CPU do this".
> So stop it.

work_on_cpu()'s definition could probably use a fat comment describing
why it sucks.


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