[PATCH 00/11] [GIT PULL][for 2.6.32] new event print tag language

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Wed Jun 10 2009 - 13:00:40 EST

Note, this work is aimed at 2.6.32 and not this merge window,
except for maybe the first patch.


I rebased against tip/tracing/core and folded a lot of the fix ups into
their corresponding patches. I still kept some of the tags out of
the main patch since they explain those changes nicely and also
demonstrates how to add new tags.

The first patch "tracing: add entry size to iterator" is something that
was lacking in the trace output, and I would recommend for this
merge window. Just because it is low impact and it would be a nice thing
to have for those that are working on enhancing ftrace.

The rest, could you make a separate branch for, so we can experiment
with. I'll keep the event-print-format* branches around too.

Please pull the latest tip/tracing/event-print-format-1 tree, which can be found at:


Steven Rostedt (11):
tracing: add entry size to iterator
tracing/events: nicer print format for parsing
tracing: add nsec2sec print formats
tracing: add major and minor tags for print format
tracing: add func and symfunc to tag format
tracing: update sample code with new tag format
tracing/events: modify irq print to new format
tracing/events: modify sched print to new format
tracing/events: modify kmem print to new format
tracing/events: modify lockdep print to new format
tracing: convert the block trace points to use the new tag format

include/linux/ftrace_event.h | 13 +
include/trace/events/block.h | 101 +--
include/trace/events/irq.h | 40 +-
include/trace/events/kmem.h | 100 ++--
include/trace/events/lockdep.h | 18 +-
include/trace/events/sched.h | 49 +-
include/trace/ftrace.h | 22 +-
kernel/trace/Makefile | 1 +
kernel/trace/trace.c | 39 +-
kernel/trace/trace_events.c | 1 +
kernel/trace/trace_output.c | 2 +-
kernel/trace/trace_output.h | 4 +
kernel/trace/trace_read_binary.c | 973 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
samples/trace_events/trace-events-sample.c | 21 +-
samples/trace_events/trace-events-sample.h | 66 ++
15 files changed, 1247 insertions(+), 203 deletions(-)
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