Re: [PATCH -mm resend] cpuhotplug: introduce try_get_online_cpus()take 3

From: Lai Jiangshan
Date: Thu Jun 11 2009 - 04:40:36 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
> I still think we should really avoid having to do this. trylocks are
> nasty things.
> Looking at the above, one would think that a correct fix would be to fix
> the bug in "thread 2": take the locks in the correct order? As
> try_get_online_cpus() doesn't actually have any callers, it's hard to
> take that thought any further.

Sometimes, we can not reorder the locks' order.
try_get_online_cpus() is really needless when no one uses it.

Paul's expedited RCU V7 may need it:

So this patch can be omitted when Paul does not use it.
It's totally OK for me.


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