Re: linux-next: origin tree build failure

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Fri Jun 12 2009 - 05:34:00 EST

> Ah - thanks. The bug was caused by me being a bit too optimistic in
> applying the shiny-new Power7 support patches on the last day. (nice
> CPU btw.)

In that case paulus tells me it's actually Peter screwing up moving
something from the powerpc code to generic :-)


> Such bugs happen, and they are easy enough to fix. What matters
> arent the 1-2 short-lived bugs that do happen when a new combination
> of trees is created, but the long-lived combination bugs and
> conflicts.

I'm not saying -next would fix world hunger ... but in this case we have
two sets of issues, perfctr and the init ordering change which both got
merged totally bypassing -next... We should at least -try- to follow the
process we've defined, don't you think ?


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