Re: HTC Dream aka. t-mobile g1 support

From: Russell King - ARM Linux
Date: Sat Jun 13 2009 - 05:52:07 EST

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 11:02:40AM +0200, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Sometimes subscribing takes _weeks_!

Pending subscriptions:
pavel@xxxxxx (Pavel Machek) Thu Mar 26 23:01:49 2009

Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 12:25:10 +0100
Pavel Machek <pavel@xxxxxx> has been successfully subscribed to

Yes, this was longer than desirable, but you could only describe it as
"weeks" if time passes at a different rate for you.

If you want to bash me, do so using facts, not fiction.
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