Re: 2.6.30: suspend-to-ram, second s2r wakes up immediately

From: Rafael J. Wysocki
Date: Sun Jun 14 2009 - 12:28:09 EST

On Sunday 14 June 2009, Thomas Meyer wrote:
> Hello.
> After a cold start of the computer, the first suspend-to-ram works as it
> should and everything is fine.
> But after waking up again, the second suspend-to-ram (in a row) seems to
> work, but the computer wakes up immediately (i.e. it doesn't stay in
> S3)!
> Now the strange part: after re-plugging my 4-port usb hub, the computer
> (in a third suspend-to-ram try) enters S3 without waking up immediately
> again.
> Strange, hmm?

So, it looks like there's a device that generates a wake-up request after the
second suspend automatically.

Can you send the output of lspci from the box?

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