Re: PC speaker beeps in 2.6.30?

From: Michael Tokarev
Date: Mon Jun 15 2009 - 14:03:43 EST

Frans Pop wrote:
Michael Tokarev wrote:
Anyone know what happened with PC speaker in 2.6.30?
Basically, it does not work anymore here, with the
config which is very similar to the one used for
previous 2.6.29 kernel (where PC speaker worked).
At least I don't see any relevant differences and
the (seemengly) relevant symbols -- which are
to 'y' for both 2.6.29 and 2.6.30.

For me the system beep has been replaced by a beep in ALSA with .30.


Do you have soundcard that uses HDA? Is CONFIG_SND_HDA_INPUT_BEEP set?
Does alsamixer show a "beep" control? Is that not muted and does it have volume set?

..Yes there is such a control and yes it is muted. When un-muting it I do
hear an ugly/scary beep from my soundcard (from the speakers). But I don't
have anything connected to the soundcard on any of my servers.

On a similar motherboard with 2.6.29 I've a "PC Speak" control which does
not do anything, at least not visible (or audible).

But I'd rather get my old good pc speaker back. One thing is the sound
card with speakers which are only sometimes on and which produces very
very bad sound when the 'beeper' control is turned on, and another is the
old good PC internal speaker with a good "beep" sound.


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