Re: [PATCH 3/3] [ARM] msm: add minimal board file for HTC Dream device

From: Brian Swetland
Date: Mon Jun 15 2009 - 14:25:39 EST

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 6:22 AM, Pavel Machek<pavel@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> +config MACH_TROUT
>> + Â Â default y
>> + Â Â bool "HTC Dream (aka trout)"
>> + Â Â help
>> + Â Â Â Support for the HTC Dream, T-Mobile G1, Android ADP1 devices.
>> +
>> Âendif
> ...but I guess renaming config option makes sense too..

This is trickier, as MACH_* is autogenerated based on the machine
name, which also becomes the machine name userspace sees.

>> +static void __init trout_init_irq(void)
>> +{
>> + Â Â msm_init_irq();
>> +}
> ...and most occurences of trout, here, too... (I'm not sure if some
> are required for compatibility with existing userland?)

Yup -- userland depends on the name. We could rename the functions in
the board file though as that wouldn't break anything.

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