Re: evdev regression on macbook with 2.6.33-rc5

From: Guillaume Chazarain
Date: Mon Jan 25 2010 - 17:49:29 EST

On Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 10:30 AM, Dmitry Torokhov
<dmitry.torokhov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> DOes the same behavior happens when you try using 'evtest' utility while
> in console?

Hi Dmitry,

While struggling to make evtest show keyboard events, I discovered
that the problem is an incompatibility with mouseemu
( as killing it makes the
keyboard work fine.

So, with mouseemu running, evtest won't print any event at all even if
I move the mouse, and when mouseemu is off everything works fine and
evtest prints the expected events.

> Also, do you have external USB keyboard by any chance and if
> you do does it exibit the same problem?

Yup, I get the exact same behaviour with an external USB keyboard and
mouseemu running: keystrokes being delivered only when I finally move
the mouse or the trackpad.


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