Re: [PATCH RFC tip/core/rcu] accelerate grace period if last non-dynticked CPU

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Tue Jan 26 2010 - 16:31:08 EST

"Paul E. McKenney" <paulmck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Kind of offtopic to the original patch, but I couldn't

> +config RCU_FAST_NO_HZ
> + bool "Accelerate last non-dyntick-idle CPU's grace periods"
> + depends on TREE_RCU && NO_HZ && SMP

Having such a thing as a config option doesn't really make
any sense to me. Who would want to recompile their kernel
to enable/disable this? If anything it should be runtime, or better
just unconditionally on.

In general RCU could probably reduce its number of "weird"
Kconfig options.

While I think I have a better understanding of RCU than a lot
of normal users I often have no clue what to set there when
building a kernel.


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