Re: [PATCH] ata: Disable NCQ for Crucial M225 brand SSDs

From: Mark Lord
Date: Wed Jan 27 2010 - 17:49:58 EST

Vishal Rao wrote:
2010/1/27 Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx>:
On 01/26/2010 11:19 AM, Vishal Rao wrote:
2010/1/26 Alan Cox<alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
What controllers did you test with ?
Tested with my own Crucial CT128M225 model which has the IndiLinx
Barefoot controller.
By controller, I think Alan meant the host controller (ata_piix, ahci,

Oh I see, I have an Intel DP35DP motherboard with onboard IDE controller
with AHCI enabled. I hope thats sufficient information for now. I did read

Okay, that's ICH9. I'll see if I have an ICH9 kicking around here
that I can put an OCZ/Indilinx drive onto. The current v1.5 OCZ firmware
is probably pretty close to the 1916 build version that your Crucial has.

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