Re: Hang: sky2/DMAR (was [PATCH] sky2: Fix WARNING: atlib/dma-debug.c:902 check_sync)

From: Michael Breuer
Date: Thu Jan 28 2010 - 10:32:18 EST

On 01/27/2010 01:45 PM, Michael Breuer wrote:
On 1/27/2010 1:08 PM, Michael Breuer wrote:

I've got (both in and 2.6.33-rc5: pci_unmap_len(re, data_size) vs., "length." I assume that I can just replace the pci_unmap_len with dma_size... but perhaps the intermediate change may have affected this as well?

Never mind - that was from one of the earlier patches I had been trying out. will try the above patch after reestablishing that the system still crashes without copybreak=1.
Just FYI - still crashes with default copybreak. Didn't get the netdev watchdog this time - just DMAR and then HW watchdog reboot (see below).

So what's known to be required to cause this crash:

1) sky2 @ 1Gb
2) High sustained RX load (> 40MBps)
3) Uptime (I can't cause this to happen just after boot).
4) DMAR enabled (doesn't crash w/o DMAR).
5) copybreak != 1

What might be required but is unproven:
1) cifs traffic (I've only seen this when the high traffic was due to a Win7 box doing backup). I've tried but have been unable to recreate by just copying large files. Backups done from a Mac OS laptop don't trigger the issue even though that machine is also connecting with CIFS (TimeMachine works better that way).
2) DHCP traffic. There has always been some sort of DHCP exchange in the log before the first indication of a problem (DMAR).
3) Total throughput since boot. DK about this - however the uptime component before the latest crash was the shortest yet. In preparation I moved a bunch of large files around on the Windows box to ensure a larger than normal backup run. I also ran manually before going to bed (then moved the files around again). Didn't crash when I was watching - but did overnight. Total uptime before this crash was only about 6 hours. Previously (with less backup data) the system didn't crash until 24-36 hours.


Copybreak: I did play for an hour or so yesterday with copybreak=1000. Ran traffic, etc. No crash, but throughput was lower and the system was clearly working way harder than normal. Given the whine of the fans I'm not keen on leaving the system in that state for any extended period of time.

MTU: Increasing the MTU to 9000 yesterday after the system had been up for some time (copybreak=1) crashed the system immediately. Subsequently I have been able to change the mtu without crashes (although the driver does end up in some sort of state that requires a restart after lowering the mtu). I suspect that over time something is being corrupted resulting in the crash when changing mtu. Whatever it becoming corrupted is probably related to the other crash as well. That suggests to me that copybreak=1 is preventing or delaying the manifestation of the underlying issue but is unrelated to the source of corruption.

[no messages in the prior three minutes - there was a dhcp exchange (request/ack) at 06:02:27]
Jan 28 06:05:58 mail kernel: DRHD: handling fault status reg 2
Jan 28 06:05:58 mail kernel: DMAR:[DMA Read] Request device [06:00.0] fault addr ffdd06bfe000
Jan 28 06:05:58 mail kernel: DMAR:[fault reason 06] PTE Read access is not set
Jan 28 06:05:58 mail kernel: sky2 0000:06:00.0: error interrupt status=0x80000000
Jan 28 06:05:58 mail kernel: sky2 0000:06:00.0: PCI hardware error (0x2010)
[No further messages until restart at 06:09:46.]

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