Re: [PATCH 00/68] ide2libata

From: Alan Cox
Date: Fri Jan 29 2010 - 18:24:41 EST

> I'm fine with applying patches 2-5, but I am definitely interested to
> hear what others think about this. Clearly, LOC is reduced, but that's
> not the only factor in code maintenance.

I think it will be a nightmare for maintenance with all the includes and
the like plus the ifdefs making it very hard to read the drivers and
maintain them.

Some of it could be cleanly split. The 40wire lists for example could all
be merged into one with a function taking the pci_dev of the controller
which did a lookup based on vendor/dev/svid/sdid. That would put them all
in one logical clean C file and makes sense as a split point for the code.

> En masse backporting bug fixes is what's known as a one-time cost. Once
> the majority of libata PATA drivers reach bugfix and feature parity, the
> need for code sharing is reduced greatly.

One problem is telling which of the bits in the old IDE stack are

- bug fixes
- bugs
- cargo culting
- irrelevant

So I think its an extremely useful exercise to figure out what subtle
differences there are between the drivers. It's not then a trivial
assumption that they can just be pasted over. The include stuff though is
too ugly to merge even if its an excellent research project to identify
the differences and quirks.

The old IDE "maintenance mode" seems to be drifting - the rate of change
is rather high for that claim.

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