Re: debug: nt_conntrack and KVM crash

From: Jon Masters
Date: Fri Jan 29 2010 - 20:59:52 EST

On Fri, 2010-01-29 at 20:57 -0500, Jon Masters wrote:

> Ah so I should have realized before but I wasn't looking at valid values
> for the range of the hashtable yet, nf_conntrack_htable_size is getting
> wildly out of whack. It goes from:
> (gdb) print nf_conntrack_hash_rnd
> $1 = 2688505299
> (gdb) print nf_conntrack_htable_size
> $2 = 16384
> nf_conntrack_events: 1
> nf_conntrack_max: 65536
> Shortly after booting, before being NULLed shortly after starting some
> virtual machines (the hash isn't reset, whereas it is recomputed if the
> hashtable is re-initialized after an intentional resizing operation):

I mean the *seed* isn't changed, so I don't think it was resized
intentionally. I wonder where else htable_size is fiddled with.


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