Re: 2.6.33-git6 boot failure[x86_64] (WARN: at arch/x86/mm/ioremap.c:111)

From: Sachin Sant
Date: Mon Mar 01 2010 - 03:29:09 EST

Xiaotian Feng wrote:
On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 12:34 PM, Sachin Sant <sachinp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Latest 2.6.33 git(30ff056..) failed to boot on a x86_64 box
with errors during mptsas/mptbase initialization. I also
noticed a warning during ACPI initialization.

does revert of 13ca0f and 1b5576 makes your system alive?
Yes.. after reverting 13ca0f and 1b5576, the machine boots fine.

Performance Events: AMD PMU driver.
... version: 0
... bit width: 48
... generic registers: 4
... value mask: 0000ffffffffffff
... max period: 00007fffffffffff
... fixed-purpose events: 0
... event mask: 000000000000000f
ACPI: Core revision 20091214
------------[ cut here ]------------
WARNING: at arch/x86/mm/ioremap.c:111 __ioremap_caller+0x169/0x2f1()
Hardware name: BladeCenter LS21 -[79716AA]-
Modules linked in:
Pid: 0, comm: swapper Not tainted 2.6.33-git6-autotest #1
Call Trace:
[<ffffffff81047cff>] ? __ioremap_caller+0x169/0x2f1
[<ffffffff81063b7d>] warn_slowpath_common+0x77/0xa4
[<ffffffff81063bb9>] warn_slowpath_null+0xf/0x11
[<ffffffff81047cff>] __ioremap_caller+0x169/0x2f1
[<ffffffff813747a3>] ? acpi_os_map_memory+0x12/0x1b
[<ffffffff81047f10>] ioremap_nocache+0x12/0x14
[<ffffffff813747a3>] acpi_os_map_memory+0x12/0x1b
[<ffffffff81282fa0>] acpi_tb_verify_table+0x29/0x5b
[<ffffffff812827f0>] acpi_load_tables+0x39/0x15a
[<ffffffff8191c8f8>] acpi_early_init+0x60/0xf5
[<ffffffff818f2cad>] start_kernel+0x397/0x3a7
[<ffffffff818f2295>] x86_64_start_reservations+0xa5/0xa9
[<ffffffff818f237a>] x86_64_start_kernel+0xe1/0xe8
---[ end trace 4eaa2a86a8e2da22 ]---
ioremap reserve_memtype failed -22
ACPI Exception: AE_NO_ACPI_TABLES, While loading namespace from ACPI tables
ACPI: Unable to load the System Description Tables

I observed similar failure with x86_32 as well.

2.6.33-git5 (847f9c6...) worked fine.


Sachin Sant
IBM Linux Technology Center
India Systems and Technology Labs
Bangalore, India

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