Re: [PATCH] serial: Add OMAP high-speed UART driver.

From: Alan Cox
Date: Mon Mar 01 2010 - 13:10:05 EST

> + 213 = /dev/ttyO0 OMAP serial port 0
> + 214 = /dev/ttyO1 OMAP serial port 1
> + 215 = /dev/ttyO2 OMAP serial port 2
> + 216 = /dev/ttyO3 OMAP serial port 3

I think it might be best to allocate a dynamic tty major nowdays

Other problem is that I don't see where you hold the port lock over all
uses of port->tty. That is an assumption of the serial layer and done in
the original 8250 driver correctly.

Rest looks good and I agree that OMAP is different enough from 8250 that
it makes sense not to further clutter the 8250 driver.

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