Re: 802.11 development process - extended documentation

From: John W. Linville
Date: Mon Mar 01 2010 - 15:00:48 EST

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 04:18:08PM -0800, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
> I've extended our 802.11 development process into a new section on our
> 802.11 wiki. I often get asked how this works from different parts of
> the company here at Atheros so figured it'd be easier to illustrate
> this as best as possible and share it.
> Hope it does justice, John if you see any mistakes feel free to edit.
> If the diagram seems fishy let me know what I can fix.

Overall, looks good. I would make these changes to the diagram:

-- remove wireless-testing -> wireless-next-2.6 arrow

-- add me -> wireless-next-2.6 arrow

-- add wireless-2.6 -> wireless-testing arrow

-- add wireless-next-2.6 -> wireless-testing arrow

This would reflect that patches go into wireless-2.6 and
wireless-next-2.6, then are pulled to wireless-testing. A few patches
may go to wireless-testing directly, but they will eventually be
reverted and possibly replaced with a patch in one of the other trees
(and subsequently pulled back into wireless-testing). Nothing pulls
from wireless-testing (except developers).

Thanks for the doc! :-)

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