Re: [uml-devel] [PATCH 66/66] arch/um/sys-x86_64/shared/sysdep/skas_ptrace.h: Checkpatch cleanup

From: Andrea Gelmini
Date: Tue Mar 02 2010 - 10:18:19 EST

2010/2/28 Jeff Dike <jdike@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Jeff,
and thanks for your reply.

> checkpatch violations. ÂI cleaned up a lot of it while making other
> changes in the area. ÂThis sort of thing I think is reasonably
> worthwhile, but dumping in a whole lot of checkpatch changes doesn't
> help anything and it just pollutes the change history.

Yep, I talked about side effects (i.e git-blame) with Alessandro (Rubini).
If you think it could be useuful I can check all the subtree. Send
you patches (if any).
You can merge piece of them as soon as you modify files with real
patches, so you
don't have to do the boring business. I don't care to have credits
about 'em, and it's not
a problem if you will not use them.

Thanks a lot,
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