[GIT PULL] OMAP DSS updates for 2.6.34

From: Tomi Valkeinen
Date: Tue Mar 02 2010 - 11:03:34 EST

Hi Linus,

Please pull the OMAP Display Subsystem patches below.

- Couple of new panel drivers
- Various small fixes and improvements
- Multiple patches making the DSS device model more sane, moving the
control from the DSS core driver to the panel drivers. This makes it
possible for the panel drivers to fully control what is going on,
instead of having to work with the limits imposed by the DSS core.


The following changes since commit 13dda80e48439b446d0bc9bab34b91484bc8f533:
Linus Torvalds (1):
Merge branch 'davinci-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/.../khilman/linux-davinci

are available in the git repository at:

git://gitorious.org/linux-omap-dss2/linux.git for-linus

Aaro Koskinen (1):
OMAP: DSS: Taal: fix error returns in taal_probe()

Grazvydas Ignotas (1):
OMAP: DSS: add TPO TD043MTEA1 panel

Janusz Krzysztofik (2):
omapfb: Fix 12-bit display (RGB444 color mode) handling
omapfb: lcd_ams_delta: add support for contrast control

Mike Rapoport (1):
OMAP: DSS2: add Toppoly TDO35S panel

Tomi Valkeinen (41):
OMAP: DSS2: Improve Kconfig help texts
OMAP: DSS2: enable VDDS_DSI when using DPI
OMAP: 3430SDP: remove vdvi regulator
OMAP: DSS2: fix irq-stats compilation
OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: Add omapfb_update_window prototype
OMAP: DSS2: improve DSS clk src selection
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: add dsi_bus_is_locked()
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: add helpers for DCS read/write
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: export dsi_vc_enable_hs()
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: configure all DSI VCs
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: remove dsi_vc_print_status()
OMAP: DSS2: Check ctx loss count only when starting the first clock
OMAP: DSS2: remove sub-panel system
OMAP: DSS2: fix driver probe error handling
OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: fix dssdev cleanup on error
OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: fix cleanup on dssdev enable error
OMAP: DSS2: fix get_dsi/dispc_clk_source() usage
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: change DSI bus_lock to semaphore
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: remove auto-update perf measurement
OMAP: DSS2: move run_test()
OMAP: DSS2: move memory_read()
OMAP: DSS2: move set/get_mirror()
OMAP: DSS2: move get/set_rotate()
OMAP: DSS2: move wait_vsync()
OMAP: DSS2: move enable/disable_channel to overlay manager
OMAP: DSS2: move get_resolution()
OMAP: DSS2: move get_recommended_bpp()
OMAP: DSS2: move enable/get_te()
OMAP: DSS2: move set/get_update_mode()
OMAP: DSS2: move update() and sync()
OMAP: DSS2: move enable/disable/suspend/resume
OMAP: DSS2: move set/get_wss()
OMAP: DSS2: move timing functions
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: remove external TE support
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: add dsi_vc_dcs_read_2() helper
OMAP: DSS2: TPO-TD03MTEA1: fix function names
OMAP: DSS2: DSI: add error prints
OMAP: DSS2: Taal: Fix ESD check
OMAP: DSS2: Taal: Fix TE when resuming

Vaibhav Hiremath (1):
OMAP: DSS2: Add Sharp LQ043T1DG01 panel driver

Ville SyrjÃlà (2):
OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: install omapfb.h
OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: Constify some function parameters

arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-3430sdp.c | 4 -
arch/arm/plat-omap/include/plat/display.h | 117 ++-
drivers/video/omap/lcd_ams_delta.c | 93 ++-
drivers/video/omap/omapfb_main.c | 7 +-
drivers/video/omap2/displays/Kconfig | 18 +
drivers/video/omap2/displays/Makefile | 3 +
drivers/video/omap2/displays/panel-generic.c | 56 +-
.../video/omap2/displays/panel-sharp-lq043t1dg01.c | 159 +++
.../video/omap2/displays/panel-sharp-ls037v7dw01.c | 77 +-
drivers/video/omap2/displays/panel-taal.c | 253 ++++-
.../video/omap2/displays/panel-toppoly-tdo35s.c | 154 +++
.../video/omap2/displays/panel-tpo-td043mtea1.c | 528 ++++++++++
drivers/video/omap2/dss/Kconfig | 26 +-
drivers/video/omap2/dss/core.c | 117 ++-
drivers/video/omap2/dss/dispc.c | 42 +-
drivers/video/omap2/dss/display.c | 119 +--
drivers/video/omap2/dss/dpi.c | 144 +---
drivers/video/omap2/dss/dsi.c | 1031 +++++---------------
drivers/video/omap2/dss/dss.c | 42 +-
drivers/video/omap2/dss/dss.h | 23 +-
drivers/video/omap2/dss/manager.c | 48 +-
drivers/video/omap2/dss/overlay.c | 2 +-
drivers/video/omap2/dss/rfbi.c | 321 +------
drivers/video/omap2/dss/sdi.c | 115 +--
drivers/video/omap2/dss/venc.c | 296 +++----
drivers/video/omap2/omapfb/Kconfig | 11 +-
drivers/video/omap2/omapfb/omapfb-ioctl.c | 68 +-
drivers/video/omap2/omapfb/omapfb-main.c | 133 ++--
drivers/video/omap2/omapfb/omapfb.h | 9 +
include/linux/Kbuild | 1 +
include/linux/omapfb.h | 9 +
31 files changed, 2186 insertions(+), 1840 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 drivers/video/omap2/displays/panel-sharp-lq043t1dg01.c
create mode 100644 drivers/video/omap2/displays/panel-toppoly-tdo35s.c
create mode 100644 drivers/video/omap2/displays/panel-tpo-td043mtea1.c

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