Booting kernel on 2nd Core

From: Swapnil Pimpale
Date: Tue Mar 02 2010 - 11:56:40 EST

Hi all,

I am working on Intel Core 2 Duo processor. As part of my academic
project, I want to boot Linux Kernel from 2nd core. I have
successfully jumped to the start address (1MB) of the kernel from 2nd
core. But it gets stuck in the function calibrate_delay().
If I comment the call to calibrate_delay and proceed with the kernel
boot-up, it goes ahead and gets stuck at some other point (in
In the meanwhile I have put the 1st core in an infinite loop.
I have configured the kernel to be an uni-processor kernel. (i.e.
disabled SMP support)

Could someone please let me know the reason for this problem. Will I
have to make any changes to kernel code for it to boot on 2nd core?

Swapnil A. Pimpale.
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