Re: System reboot hangs due to race against devices_kset->listtriggered by SCSI FC workqueue

From: Greg KH
Date: Tue Mar 02 2010 - 23:54:35 EST

On Tue, Mar 02, 2010 at 04:47:01PM -0800, Hugh Daschbach wrote:
> The system may fail to boot when the kernel's devices_kset->list gets
> written by another thread while device_shutdown() is traversing the
> list. Though not common, this is fairly reproducible for some SCSI
> Fibre Channel topologies; particularly so with FCoE configurations.

Really? What a mess :(

> The reboot thread calls device_shutdown() as part of system shutdown.
> device_shutdown() loops through devices_kset->list, shutting down each
> system device. But devices_kset->list isn't protected from other
> writers while device_shutdown() traverses the list.

Can't we just protect the list? What is wanting to write to the list
while shutdown is happening?

> One such secondary writer is the SCI Fibre Channel workqueue. When
> fc_wq_N removes a device that device_shutdown() holds in it's "devn"
> (list traversal iterator) variable, device_shutdown() stalls, chasing
> what is essentially a broken link.
> This is not a common occurrence. But FC SCSI devices associated with a
> link that has gone down cause a race between device_shutdown() running
> in reboot's process and scsi_remove_target() running in a SCSI FC
> workqueue (fc_wq_N).
> Network attached FC devices are particularly vulnerable because SysV
> init scripts shut network interfaces down before proceeding with the
> reboot request. So by the time reboot is called, the link to the FC
> devices is already down.
> When the link is down device_shutdown() stalls (in sd_shutdown() --
> which issues cache flush CDBs to what are, by that time, inaccessible
> devices). The stall ends when the fc rport timer expires. But the
> timer expiration also initiates fc_starget_delete() in the fc workqueue,
> causing the race with device_shutdown().

Can't you just not do this?

> The attached patch detects and attempts to recover from the
> corruption. But this can hardly be considered a fix, as it does not
> address the race between device_shutdown() and scsi_remove_target().

I agree, this patch isn't ok, it should be handled in the scsi core as
it looks like a scsi problem, not a driver core problem, right?

> Perhaps converting the list_for_each_entry_safe_reverse() to something
> like.
> while (!list_empty(&devices_kset->list)) {
> dev = list_last_entry(...);
> ...
> }
> might be appropriate. But I have no idea if any devices don't fully
> remove themselves from the list when shutdown.

That shouldn't really solve the problem, right?

> Does anyone have any guidance for what would make a more appropriate
> fix?

So the scsi core is trying to remove a device at the same time shutdown
is happening, right? So we need to protect the list somehow, maybe just
switch it over to use a klist which should handle this for us instead?
Can you try that?


greg k-h
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