Re: board/device file names, and machine names

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Mar 03 2010 - 05:18:10 EST


> > > > > Given the amount of discussion there's already been, I'm going to come
> > > > > down hard on this issue to kill the discussion.

> > So... dwalker is maintainer of arch-msm, and does not like the
> > codenames. Then you come, and just because are maintainer of arm,
> > override the decision, without even notifying l-k?
> So you don't think that Daniel, who was *explicitly* asking for my
> suggestions and opinions, is entitled to a clear and straight
> answer?

When someone asks for your suggestions, you can "go down hard on this

Note that board_dream.c is already in the tree.

> Yes, go back and read the fucking thread properly Pavel. Daniel
> explicitly sent his messages TO me and ASKED me for this.
> Daniel had my suggestions on my first reply in this thread, and his
> follow up to that indicated he wanted something firmer - he wanted
> a decision _FROM ME_ on which way to go. That's precisely what he
> got.
> What you're actually trying to say is that you don't like me and you
> certainly don't like me making any kind of decision. Get over it, or
> find some other project to infiltrate and infest with your idiotic
> attitude.

Stop putting words in my mouth. And start to behave.

(cesky, pictures)
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