Re: [PATCH RFC 0/12] ahci: Add support for non-PCI devices

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Wed Mar 03 2010 - 08:40:47 EST

On 03/03/2010 08:15 AM, Anton Vorontsov wrote:
On Tue, Mar 02, 2010 at 04:34:39PM -0500, Jeff Garzik wrote:
As demonstrated in libata-dev.git#libahci, I think the best route is
to move generic code into libahci. In #libahci you will see

libahci -> common code
ahci -> standard PCI driver, req's libahci
mv-ahci -> Marvell AHCI driver, req's libahci
acard-ahci -> ACard AHCI driver, req's libahci

and to this we could easily add

platform-ahci -> platform AHCI driver, req's libahci

WARNING: #libahci should not be used directly, it is meant for
illustration purposes only. It has not been properly updated for
several recent ahci.c changes upstream, which implies that the
trivial-and-obvious task of moving generic code from ahci.c to
libahci.c must be redone.

Well, do I understand correctly that the only issue is the
file names? I.e. in my patches, instead of keeping the library
code in ahci.c, I should move the library code into libahci.c,
and keep the PCI code in ahci.c?

Because, as far as I can see, the result of my patches is pretty
much the same as in #libahci, except the file names and more
things that can be reused (i.e. ahci_sht, ahci_ops -- I kept
all this in the library part, since we want to share it with
the platform driver).

Also, I don't export function that aren't currently used
by PCI or platform drivers, but in #libahci there are all
exported. Should I keep it my way, or should I export all the
functions (even if there are no any users of these)?

Well, the general idea is to have a kernel module libahci.ko, upon which ahci.ko, mv-ahci.ko, acard-ahci.ko and platform-ahci.ko depends. That would imply a bunch of exports, when the library code is moved from ahci.c to libahci.c, because libahci should be a separate kernel module.

I'm not overly picky about file naming. However, in existing installations, people, scripts, knowledgebase articles and configuration files expect "ahci" to be the driver for PCI AHCI devices. We don't want to break that if we can avoid it. Simply using a different name avoids any breakage related to name changes.


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