Re: [patch] slab: add memory hotplug support

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Wed Mar 03 2010 - 09:35:06 EST

> > The patch looks far more complicated than my simple fix.
> I wouldn't exactly call the fallback_alloc() games "simple".

I have to disagree on that. It was the most simple fix I could
come up with, least intrusive to legacy like slab is.

> > Is more complicated now better?
> Heh, heh. You can't post the oops, you don't want to rework your

The missing oops was about the timer race, not about this one.

> patches as per review comments, and now you complain about David's
> patch without one bit of technical content. I'm sorry but I must

Well sorry I'm just a bit frustrated about the glacial progress on what
should be relatively straight forward fixes.

IMHO something like my patch should have gone into .33 and any more
complicated reworks like this into .34.

> But anyway, if you have real technical concerns over the patch, please
> make them known; otherwise I'd much appreciate a Tested-by tag from
> you for David's patch.

If it works it would be ok for me. The main concern would be to actually
get it fixed.


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