Re: [GIT PULL] Squashfs updates for 2.6.34

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Wed Mar 03 2010 - 12:09:20 EST

On Mon, 1 Mar 2010, Phillip Lougher wrote:

> Please pull the following Squashfs updates. They add support
> for lzma compressed file systems, plus there's also a couple of
> trivial code tidy patches.

No. I'm not pulling this.

> include/linux/decompress/bunzip2_mm.h | 13 +++
> include/linux/decompress/inflate_mm.h | 13 +++
> include/linux/decompress/mm.h | 4 -
> include/linux/decompress/unlzma_mm.h | 20 +++++
> include/linux/decompress/unlzo_mm.h | 13 +++

What the _h*ll_ is the point of these totally illogical and ugly files?
The name makes no sense, and the _contents_ make zero sense either.

Please. Don't add more ugly generic header files into the main include
directory. I realize that the ugliness is partly historical (that
"<linux/decompress/mm.h>" file sure as hell was messy to begin with), but
this just makes that crazy situation worse.

Clean up the mess instead of making it even less understandable. Please.
That whole "#ifdef STATIC" crap needs to go - not get spread out even

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